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How Https Handshake

This is a stock article that has been around for two or three years, but I haven't released it because there's nothing special about it. I recently came across this article because I used some HTTPS content when I was doing a requirement, so I simply summarised it and released it. I'll talk about it.

Export VM with Cloudflare Tunnel Service

I have already introduced how to create a VM through Vagrant, but generally speaking, home machines do not have public IPs, and even if they do, the operators will block the popular ports, so if you want to put the VM on the public network, then you need to use some additional technology, this article will introduce one of the free and convenient: Cloudflare Tunnel

Manager VM with Vagrant in Linux

If you want to create and manage some VMs like I did, but want to keep it simple and migratable, then consider the Vagrant tool I introduced you to in this article, a VM management tool from Hashicorp that lets you manage VMs like Docker manages containers.

Using Go Generate In Go

In Go, there is an unwritten habit that many people like to use generated code, for example, the directory structure of the project, the stub code of grpc are generated with tools, and for small things like static files embedded in the code, automatic generation of enum type String form, etc. Anyway, the pattern of generated code can always be seen.

Backup Bookmark in Jetbrains IDEs

When I use Jetbrains IDE, I like to use the bookmark feature, especially when I'm new to a project, I will use it to mark some key code, but the problem with this feature is that it can't be backed up, even I lost the bookmark of a project that I've been following for more than a week, it's very heartbreaking, so I'm looking for a way to save the bookmark.

Digital Ocean Function Develop

Recently I was experiencing some cloud products, and I wanted to try to put some lesser used projects on Digital Ocean Function (because I used VM before), but after experiencing one, I felt it was still not very good, so I gave up, but I can still share some of the records of some of the processes.

Linux TProxy

TProxy is a transparent proxy for Linux, and this article will introduce you to what TProxy is and how it works.

Relation Between Iptables and Linux Kernel

Iptables is a basic firewall tool in Linux and also a very common network tool, but iptables is just an application layer application, so how does iptables relate to the Linux kernel network stack? In this article, I will give a brief introduction about this issue.

Remote Debug Go With Delve

It's easy to write code, but hard to debug code, which is a very touching thing for people who have written a lot of code. Here I made a record of how to debug code remotely with Goland, if you need it, I hope it will help you too.

NPM Tutorial

Although I use npm from time to time, I’m really not familiar with it, but recently I suddenly wanted to understand what it is and what it does, so I took a little more serious understanding, and this article will record what I understand about npm.